The Ultimate Fan Experience

As sports and its game-day experience transitions back to normalcy, Great Big Events (GBE) is taking point in redefining the fan experience – whether it be from the thrill of the stadium to your couch at home.



Two target groups are demanding more. Fans crave an elevated audience experience, and clients are searching for innovative, unique ways they can engage audiences with their product.

How can we provide a product that gives the greatest fan experience and resonates just as successfully with clients? By leveraging new technologies to transform the user and client experience.


Solution: GBE’s Ultimate Fan App (UFA) and Web Portal

The UFA app captures every moment of the sporting experience, with features such as live notifications, team highlights, videos and updates, jukebox and light show functions. However, its true ingenuity is captured in the app’s diverse utility and usability proficiencies. All features and modules can be personalised for the fan, preferences can be commercialised for sponsor relationships and live fan app-interaction can be seamlessly integrated to big-screen content.

Let’s see how it works…

PREGAME: Web Portal

The web portal facilitates the design and purpose of the app. As the client you can manage and dictate the first touchpoints between fans and their team.

This portal allows you to:

  • Add Choice and Flexibility: Customise and adapt the UFA features to completely personalise the client and user experience according to the event.

  • Define Your Day, Your Way: The layout, colours, displayed modules, featured content – all can be seamlessly modified, tweaked, and enhanced from game to game.

  • Attract premium sponsors: App can be adapted to commercialise content, hence a premium opportunity to leverage to sponsors a dynamic tool to engage consumers with their product.

  • Engage through the big screen: Instantaneous access to all live audience response and engagement from the app can be displayed in real-time to the stadium big screen. Also provides ability to access and display sponsor content or existing external information such as results and statistics to the big screen.

  • Play with new content: Modules and other content can be held ready within the app to be activated when desired.

GAME DAY: Ultimate Fan App

The UFA is the on-the-ground guide for fans on game day. Designed by the team at GBE, the features elevate the fan experience to another level.

Below are each of the available modules and what they offer:

  • Fan Choice: Vote for your favourite athlete, the most memorable moment, or who won dance cam… you’ll create endless fun inside and outside the stadium with Fan Choice, a module that allows fans to vote instantly.

  • Jukebox: Fans can choose their favourite music tracks by voting for what song to play for team entry, half-time or timeouts, with a live vote tally displayed on the big screen.

  • Push Notifications: Send push notifications directly to the user’s smartphone either instantly or at pre-determined times to provide fans with timely content; everything from schedules to in-game statistics to team news.

  • Team Roster & Athlete Profiles: Detailed bios for each athlete, allowing fans to connect with their favourite players through social media links, individuals’ profiles and team rosters.

  • News: Keep your fans continually informed by instantly uploading news articles and other media to the app.

  • Video Content: Fans can enjoy exclusive content, video highlights and match replays all year long.

  • Light Show: Light up the venue with spectacular sound and light shows pre-designed and in rhythm with music tracks.

  • Games & Tickets: All upcoming games shown with links to buy tickets through your preferred ticketing partner.

  • Merchandising (Weblink): Fans are directed to an online shop to purchase their teams’ merchandise and have access to their exclusive offers.

  • Membership (Weblink): Become part of the family anytime with quick and easy access to everything membership offers.

  • Surveys (Data capture): Fans can enter competitions and complete surveys with corresponding data generated.

  • Social Media: Fans can amplify their experience by creating and sharing branded images for social media and venue screens using branded hashtags.

  • Sponsor Banner: Explore the different ways you can offer value to your sponsors with advertising banners, weblinks and logo placement throughout the app.

  • Custom Polls: Custom polls generated for fans in response to live match information, results, and moods.

  • Trivia (Data Capture): Gamify fan engagement, test the knowledge of your users and show live leader boards on the big screen.

Price on application modules:

  • Live Streaming: Fans can choose live broadcast camera streams to watch on their smart phones.

  • Fan Radio: Fans feel every step of the action with live match communications that include referee mics, fan commentary, announcer mics or any other audio source direct into the app.

  • Bespoke Light Show: Further enhance your light show experience! Select your preferred music track and we design a custom light show unique to your venue!!

The Ultimate Fan App and web portal have defined a new standard for innovative experiences for clients and fans. The adaptability and usability preferences have reimagined the game-day experience for fans, allowing potential for clients to creatively enhance and progress their fan engagement programs.

Our goal is to support, not distract, the fan. This is certainly achieved, and more.


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