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For the 16th FINA World Championships, Swimming Australia (LOC), sought a digital platform that would reach their domestic, in venue audience in an informative and entertaining manner allowing the LOC to seamlessly interact with their fans in the crowd providing a fan engagement experience with a dominant Australian theme. It was crucial that the platform was functional to a wide variety of demographics (particularly ages), with a simple easy to use interface and user experience. The digital solution allowed for bespoke branding, event information and provide further opportunities for sponsors and partners to add value to the fans World Championship experience. 

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With a primary focus on event fan engagement, the Ultimate Fan App (UFA) was a perfect solution to fit the needs of the LOC, going above expectations in terms of flexibility, accessibility, and creativity. Working closely with the LOC, we tailored UFA to specific FINA World Championships requirements, which included skinning the UFA with FINA event branding and creating a UFA user experience that utilised our successful Jukebox, Social Frames, News, Video, Ticketing and Live Results modules to provide the best event day experience to fans.

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Overall, the UFA provided the LOC and FINA World Championships an interactive and easy to use solution to inform and entertain their fans. The UFA garnered 738 downloads over the 6 days of competition with regular updates to news and video content throughout the event bringing a true extension to the FINA and LOC websites and digital channels. Sponsors and partners successfully showcased their products with over 18,000 ad views resulted in a strong click through rate.  Australian artists were added to the popular jukebox feature showcasing the very best of Australian music and giving the event a unique, Australian feel. In addition, Social Frames provided a great way to keep fans engaged during pauses in the competition as the in venue big screen was utilised to showcase fans images in a live and moderated environment.

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