Developing the Next Generation of Fan Engagement

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Through a global pandemic, sport is proving again its ability to unify and inspire people. But fans are craving the connection, energy and atmosphere that only sport can deliver.

Is there a way we can provide a digital experience that harnesses that emotional bond with sport and readies us for the return of fans?

At Great Big Events we have been developing ways to establish meaningful fan engagement both now and, in the future, so you can connect with your audience.

We strive to create experiences that are fun, easy, safe, personalised and unique and through our global sports production experience, we’ve observed the evolving interests and habits of sports fans the world over:

  • Fan bases are diversifying, they have different expectations, as sports become more accessible and open.

  • Fans are more connected, creative and expressive through digital platforms. They want memory making opportunities with the ability to generate and share content.

  • Fans want to belong and identify, they want to engage with and influence their community, and they need immediate access to interesting content and information.

  • They seek unique and authentic experiences and form attachments to sporting brands and players not unlike the tribalism of the past.

  • Fans want ease of engagement, a place where sport is fused with entertainment, retail, food service, leisure and tourism.

GBE’s Ultimate Fan App has been designed to give fans more. It promises to elevate the experience of live attendance whilst meeting the want of fans to engage anywhere, anytime.

We have applied our insight and experience to create a fan app that is fully flexible, customisable, with adaptable features that become unique to the experience of your sport, team or brand.

The home page has an easy to use interface where fans can access information, services and entertainment at any time ensuring continuity of engagement.

We have designed a range of modules that can change, adapt or be swapped out so the digital experience moves and evolves with the interests of fans.

Games & Tickets module is an easy way to show all upcoming games / sessions and sell more tickets to games with a direct link through to your preferred ticket partner.

News Feed is our continuous source of information on the team, sports and your favourite players. Articles, media releases, team announcements and special offers can be published here and push notifications sent to users, encouraging them to return to the app for exclusive information.

The app enables you to load up Match Highlights from current or previous games. Users can be notified of the availability of content with videos pre-loaded to activate at a specific time. Exclusive video can be added and the content linked to player profiles and news articles so fans are constantly engaging with the team and their favourite players.

Athlete Profiles where fans engage with their favourite players, seeing headshots, key stats, social media handles, links to news articles and their own personal highlights reel.

Fans have their say with Fan Choice, a module that allows fans to offer their opinion on man of the match, a trivia question or even who won dance cam. Scheduled Push Notifications can be used to get people voting and the data collected can be used to understand the needs and interests of your fans.

Similarly, Fan Polling is a great way to gather instant feedback, allowing us to respond and adapt to the wishes of fans. A simple feature like the Jukebox grants fans the power to choose their favourite songs to play at the stadium. We can show them the results of their choices on the big screen as fans continue to vote and vote to get their favourite track played.

Fan polls can be shaped and designed to glean in-depth information from fans on what is important to them. It’s great way to test the effectiveness of your fan engagement strategies. Sponsors and brands also have an opportunity to engage with your fan base through this platform and we can run competitions and give away prizes.

Fans can cherish and amplify their experience with Social Frames, content they can incorporate into their social media – and send to the big screen. Social Frames can be updated throughout the season and leverage sponsor and brand activity.

A fun feature of the app is the synchronised Light Show option, enabling a whole stadium to become part of a spectacular sound and light show. Fans can create their own electrifying atmosphere at team entry, pre-game or at half time.

Best of all you have total control over the app. It can be changed an updated as often as you like through your very own client portal.

Modules can change and evolve depending on how you wish to engage with your fans. This includes looking at ways we can create commercial opportunities be it placement of banners and logos, competitions and giveaways, fan surveys, online merchandise shopping and strategic use of push notifications.

We have also designed the app so you can make changes and update content whenever you like through our client portal. Simply login and make updates to banners, logos, match information, venue details, news, video content, fan polls and surveys and social frames. You can also collect create push notifications and collect data in an instant.

One of the ways in which we have been able to develop these features is by working with our client the Sydney Kings in Australia’s National Basketball Leagues, whose match day experience is comparable with any in the NBA.

Their official Game Day app has been downloaded 18,500 times, allowing fans to participate in polls, competitions and music choices, and activate the light show. In 2019/20 the Kings surpassed their home game attendance record and their match day is considered the best fan engagement experience in the NBL.

In the coming months, Great Big Events will create even more new features for the Ultimate Fan App, further developing a digital experience that delivers the best features of live sport in one place.

As technology changes and people become even more connected, Great Big Events will continue to focus on what’s important to the fan, designing experiences and platforms that allow them to express themselves, find a voice, create content, and access the information and services important to them.

Our insight into the fan journey, now and into the future, means we will continue to invest in innovation and technology, so we are ready to deliver the next generation of fan engagement.


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