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FINA World Champs

The Challenge

The 15th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Abu Dhabi was held on various sites and across multiple events including 25m, diving and marathon swimming. It presented an array of complicated challenges from distributing information to keeping crowds engaged. GBE worked closely with the Local Organising Committee and defined exactly what was needed and desired for the event.

We were tasked with developing a single digital platform that allowed for simple and easy-to-navigate information distribution for spectators and athletes across different events in the one arena whilst also enabling fans at home and in the venue spectators to be engaged.


The Game Plan

We wanted to ensure that fans were taken on one journey, connected, entertained, engaged and fully informed from the minute they arrived at Etihad Arena. To do this, they needed exclusive access to real-time information, race-times, results, programs for each event and athlete profiles.

The multiple events were split across 4 levels on the app, each with their own unique designs, colour palettes, branding elements and inclusion of sponsor banners and assets.

We aimed to position the FINA21 Abu Dhabi app as a “must have” to assure that all spectators saw it as essential to enjoy all facets of the event in the stadium and at home


The Result

The integration of the FINA21 Abu Dhabi App into the event was a resounding success that stemmed from focused preparation and total team contribution. As planned, the app was the digital home for the event and was available globally. This enabled spectators from all over the world to stay up to date with the latest information and view live results for their specific event of interest with direct links to the timing and scoring provider.

The event was able to surpass the stadium walls and reached fans in their homes. They were able to submit selfies of themselves through the app using the specially designed “social frames” and vote on polls such as their favourite moments from the event and music to be played there using the “Polling” feature.

Planned exposure for event partners and sponsors was delivered with satisfaction. Companies were able to have ads placed right in the app banner which allowed for immediate visibility by all app users.


App Modules and Features

  • Light Show synced to music

  • Dynamic data capture

  • Polling – live, in-venue with output to the screen

  • Fan Choice - live, in-venue fan engagement with live outputs on the screen

  • Social Media – selfies directly to the big screen

  • Big screen trivia

  • Games, tickets and sponsor banner

  • Participant profiles

  • News and video content




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