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No Limit Boxing

The Challenge

No Limit Boxing showcased a constant schedule of fights and was looking for a solution that could differentiate their events. They requested an app that was able to reflect the look of each fight while also satisfying sponsor needs and keeping all commercial partners happy.

Enabling specific content to be updated easily and quickly - without the need for a lengthy App Store review process - was also a focus in the deployment of the app for No Limit Boxing. In addition, the ability to seamlessly adapt the functionally of the app for a variety of boxing events was also an important factor.

We were also tasked with developing methods to inform and engage their fight night audience between fights and displaying commercial partner advertisements in a non-intrusive manner.


The Game Plan

We set out to develop a purely unique and customized client portal for No limit Boxing which had the prime objective of enabling major pieces of content and branding to be updated seamlessly on the app and instantly without any external approval requirements necessary.

As part of the game plan, No Limit Boxing wanted to promote future event tickets and generate excitement. The plan was for the app to send notifications to improve ticket sales and generate hype for the event.


The Result

After consulting with and listening to No Limit Boxing, we developed a single app that can be fully customized specifically for each event with updated branding, ticketing, and venue information. The single app also includes fan engaging modules including fighter match ups, jukebox polls, and the ever popular ‘Who will Win’ poll with associated big screen output graphics.

Since the implementation of the app for No Limit Boxing, it has been adapted easily and systematically to ten different fights and special events with value added to each one.




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