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Sydney Kings

The Challenge

Having worked with the Sydney Kings since 2015, there was a need to expand their digital innovations to reach their target market. GBE identified the need to invest in the development of a new fan engagement tool. One that was cost effective and offered the potential to grow and expand.


The Game Plan

GBE worked with the Kings to develop their ideal list of features. As with all digital projects, the ’must have’ features are pushed to the top of the priority list. Development started with the light show – to really get fans involved in the show and at the point of team entry – and progressively increased over the years to include social frames, polling, news and much more.


The Result

Since its inception, the Kings Ultimate Fan App has been an integral addition to the game day experience. Keeping fans at the heart of the show, the app has been recognised as the 5th most downloaded sport app in Australia and has amassed over 20,000 downloads with over 105,000 interactions registered across all home games within the 19/20 season. Prior to the 2021-22 season, the Kings Ultimate Fan App was re-designed and become the single digital home for the Sydney Kings, Sydney Flames and Hoops Capital Academy – their grass roots program. In that season, we saw over 325,000 interactions on the polling module and over 7,700 images submitted via the social frame module. New innovative features are under development as the project continues to evolve and engage.

In a single Sydney Kings home game, the app recorded close to 50,000 votes registered on the jukebox poll and over 500 photos submitted for moderation to go on the big screen.

App Modules

  • Light Show synced to music

  • Dynamic data capture

  • Polling – live, in-venue with output to the screen

  • Fan Choice - live, in-venue fan engagement with live outputs on the screen

  • Social Media – selfies directly to the big screen

  • Games, tickets and sponsor banner

  • Team rosters

  • News and video content

  • Back-end Client Portal: to update easily without need for the app to go through a full app store review process


Future Development

Development is ongoing and to create a true digital home, we are currently in discussion with the Kings membership and ticketing providers to offer the ability to not only show but also purchase memberships and tickets from within the app.




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