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The pairing of stage shows and interactive technologies is quickly becoming a staple of live entertainment. It enhances not only the actual performance, but the overall experience from buying tickets to community interactions with a heap in-between. There’s nothing quite as unique as watching a high energy musical extravaganza with catchy songs and high production value, and with the School of Rock App, the stage extravaganza will be one to remember! 

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The Sydney Catholic Schools’ big stage production of ‘School of Rock the Musical’ was a complex and technically  savvy undertaking for all the parties involved and needed a fan engagement solution that elevated not only the promotion and leadup, but also engaged the fans in a fun and innovative way. 


With 3,000 energetic Sydney Catholic School performers involved in the extravaganza, it's imperative to develop a way to engage them actively and continuously – not only on performance day, but in the lead up as well.

The Game Plan.png

Ultimate Fan App (UFA) is working with event organisers to deliver above and beyond the on-stage execution. This has resulted in the development of the School of Rock app that focuses on ticket sales, venue information, student participation, social media and cast information as well.

The Result.png

Already available, the School of Rock App was launched 5 months before the actual 3-day School of Rock event. Delivering across a range of areas such as; push notifications to promote ticket sales up until the event night, cast bios and headshots as well as a wide range of engagements as listed below.

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Social Frame.png

A fully customised social frame to take selfies and share with friends on social media is already available through the app.


Patrons can link directly to online ticket sellers to purchase within the app.

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The app links back to the official event page which updates with information as it becomes available.

Light Show.png

With this feature, spectators can become part of the show on the night with their phone light flashing to the beat of the music.

Venue Information.png

Patrons can look up venue information including parking and public transport options in the lead up to the show.

The School of Rock App is about integrating the live show environment with the digital world and allowing the audience to interact far beyond just viewing the performance on stage.

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